Resources for parents and carers

Parents and carers are extremely important in supporting children to learn about online safety, because they are often one of the first people a child turns to when things don’t work out that well. The following resources will assist parents and carers to help young people.

Have a conversation

This is an example of a family agreement. Have you got one?

Make your Internet Browsers Safer

This is how you set your Internet Browser to safe settings.

Disable or enable Restricted Mode on Youtube

Change your settings on Youtube to be safer for your kids.

Parents’ Guide to Technology

Advice on how to setup your child’s smartphone.

Four Steps

  • Have ongoing conversations with your children about staying safe online
  • Use safety tools on social networks and other online services, e.g Facebook privacy settings
  • Decide if you want to use parental controls on your home internet
  • Understand devices and the parental control tools they offer in our Parents’ Guide to Technology